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COVID Vaccine Queries

COVID vaccine queries

EPUT offer the latest information on how patients can access the COVID vaccine for patients living in the Essex and Suffolk area. Practices are advised to the following link to your own websites so aid patient signposting:

If patients have difficulty in booking their vaccine appointments, please advise them to contact the CCG Central Referral Service (CRS) who will be able to help. Please note the CRS team cannot with clinical queries on the COVID vaccine.

Contact number: 0300 123 0771 with lines open Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm

If your patients have difficulty using the telephone (for example people with hearing loss), please advise them to make contact by emailing

Please note, the site that carried out a vaccination to must resolve queries about incomplete records of it in the NHS app. If the patient was vaccinated at a local vaccination site (LVS) the practice or PCN must therefore address the issue. Details of how you can do this are available from this NHS Digital link.

If the patient was vaccinated at a mass vaccination site (MVS) then the patient can contact CRS for help to resolve NHS app record issues.

If your patients have any specific questions on the vaccine not covered by the MSE website (such as interactions with regular medication or a diagnosis, allergies, booking a second dose a vaccine or concerns about vaccination) they can email – the address is monitored Monday – Friday by our Medicines Optimisation team on behalf of EPUT.